Sitecore 7, Lucene 3.0 and Highlighted results

For all you that will use Lucene 3.0 under Sitecore 7 and want to highlight your results using Luce.Net.Contrib libraries, let me save you a whole lot of time.

On page you will find a reference to the above mentioned package which i used for retrieving highlighted results from my Lucene index. All nice and smooth until i performed the search and stuck with this error for 3 days:

Method not found: ‘System.Collections.Generic.ISet`1<!!0> Lucene.Net.Support.Compatibility.SetFactory.CreateHashSet()’.

Problem is that the out of the box Lucene.Net.dll that comes with Sitecore is not compatible with the Contrib libraries. So that dll has to be replaced with the one found in the Lucene.Net NuGet package.

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Alin Parjolea

System Developer at Pentia. I have been involved in small and large scale projects using Sitecore and .Net for the last 4 years. I am Sitecore certified developer since 2009. I have a Master degree in Computer Science from University of Southern Denmark. More detailed info about me can be found on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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