Using threshold warning limits in Sitecore

When working on an old Sitecore solution the log files are almost always completely spammed with different threshold warnings. 744 10:28:14 WARN Item threshold exceeded for web page. Items accessed: 2578. Threshold: 2000. Page URL: /xxxx.aspx 7672 10:28:15 WARN Item threshold exceeded for web page. Items accessed: 29145. Threshold: 2000. Page URL:xxxx.aspx 7672 10:28:15 WARN […]

Sitecore SPEAK rules magic

At this time of year everyone is speaking about Christmas magic, but today I will show you some SPEAK magic using rules. Following the example I gave in my last post where we made a text clickable and then changed the background color depending on the click, now let us make a rule which hides […]

Switch the Context Item

Some times you’ll come across some code which relies on reading the Sitecore.Context.Item and there is no way for you to change this. This can occur when calling some standard Sitecore pipelines, some custom code which has been inherited without the source etc. Well, Sitecore API to the rescue. Introducing the ContextItemSwitcher I am not […]