The Layer concept in Modular Architecture

Modular Architecture is a set of principles and methodologies used in Sitecore Habitat to showcase Sitecores recommended best practices for solution architecture in a Sitecore solution. This is my second post on Modular Architecture and Sitecore Habitat. If you haven’t read the first post already you can read it here. What are layers in Modular Architecture? The concept of […]

The groundbreaking Sitecore Habitat

Sitecore released a new demo site late September called Sitecore Habitat. There is nothing new in Sitecore supplying a demo site but this one is nothing less than groundbreaking, it is a real revolution in the way that Sitecore teaches developers to work with their product. In the latter days Sitecore would never explain how to structure […]

Simple IoC container using only the Sitecore API

Lately there has been a lot of discussions on twitter about using different third party frameworks for Inversion of Control using Dependency Injection in Sitecore solutions. The arguments in these discussions can be almost religious, either for or against using a specific third party IoC framework. There are two extremes, on one side the developers who […]

The amazing password recovery experience in Sitecore 8

Along with the new login screen in Sitecore 8 there is also a new implementation of password recovery for editors. In the old versions of Sitecore the /sitecore/login/default.aspx page redirected the user to a page called passwordrecovery.aspx. This page used an asp:PasswordRecovery standard webcontrol. Personally I never became fond of all of these standard but rather […]