Creating a custom pipeline in Sitecore

Pipelines are one of the most essential parts of Sitecore and creating your own custom pipeline in Sitecore makes your code extremely flexible for both you and others. It is extremely easy to create and run a custom pipeline as this post will show. Defining the pipeline A pipeline consist is a set of processor […]

Creating a customHandler in Sitecore

Sometimes you would like all requests to a specific path and below to be handled by a specific generic handler. For example in the same manner as the mediaHandler works in Sitecore. Setting up a customHandler in Sitecore Configuring a normal httpHandler in .NET is easy, you simply add entries in the web.config depending on […]

A note about Sitecore pipelines

My two previous posts both contained implementations  of custom processors for the httpRequestBegin pipeline. Just a quick explanation about their structure and some absolute best practices when implementing your own Sitecore pipeline processors. Check and exit fast Since the httpRequestBegin pipeline handles all requests it is extremely important to check the context for validity before continuing […]

HTTPS in Sitecore

I would always recommend running all production site cms’ using security on the transport layer (https). Sitecore or no Sitecore, it is not safe to first send username and password unencrypted and then following having an insecure session cookie for the authentication information. This applies for both extranet users and the backend administrators. A basic […]