Implementing a WebApi service using ServicesApiController in Sitecore 8

This will just be a quick post about implementing a WebApi controller in Sitecore 8 using the ServicesApiController class. Perhaps this post can help some of the teams in the ongoing Sitecore Hackathon, who knows. The ServicesApiController class Sitecore.Services introduce a new abstract class called ServicesApiController that derives from the System.Web.ApiController. The class itself only purpose is to identify […]

The amazing password recovery experience in Sitecore 8

Along with the new login screen in Sitecore 8 there is also a new implementation of password recovery for editors. In the old versions of Sitecore the /sitecore/login/default.aspx page redirected the user to a page called passwordrecovery.aspx. This page used an asp:PasswordRecovery standard webcontrol. Personally I never became fond of all of these standard but rather […]

How to create a custom cache in Sitecore

When coding a Sitecore solution you sometimes need a cache to store some values. I’ve seen a lot of different cache implementations in Sitecore solutions that do not use the Sitecore API. Such an implementation could for example use a static or perhaps a singleton some even go further and use a custom database or a nosql […]

Sending emails in Sitecore

Sometimes you need to send an email from your Sitecore code. I’ve seen a ton of solution implementations where the developer have written some custom class that sends out emails using a SMTP client, good old classic ASP.NET. I myself  even wrote code for that in Sitecore solutions some years ago. That was before I noticed the […]

Matching Wildcards in Sitecore

While reading this nice blog post by my colleague Uli about resolving a Sitecore SiteContext from an URI I noticed that he used a regex to match a hostname using * as a wildcard That made me remember the Sitecore class called Sitecore.Text.WildcardParser. I once wrote a blog post about this class but I never got around to […]