Global.asax events and Sitecore pipelines

At Pentia we always try not to change any files that ships in an out-of-the-box Sitecore installation. This makes upgrading easier and the solution code more transparent for developers. Sitecore ships with a standard Global.asax file and a lot of Sitecore developers choose to make changes directly in this to hook into application and session level events. For […]

Ensuring roles in Sitecore

Roles are easy to create in Sitecore but sometimes you might want to ensure that some specific roles always exists. Not a very common scenario but nonetheless it happens. Once upon a time we needed to be able to ensure that a long list of specific roles always existed on the production instance otherwise some […]

Crush png in Sitecore

This post describes a module to crush png in Sitecore which can be downloaded from Sitecore MarketPlace and the latest version of the code is also available free on github. Continuing my fight with Google Page Speed. .NET does not offer an approach for compressing png files other than the default compression. This makes it hard to please […]

Creating a custom pipeline in Sitecore

Pipelines are one of the most essential parts of Sitecore and creating your own custom pipeline in Sitecore makes your code extremely flexible for both you and others. It is extremely easy to create and run a custom pipeline as this post will show. Defining the pipeline A pipeline consist is a set of processor […]

Inheriting renderings in Sitecore

A typical page layout contains an aside column beside the main content. These aside columns typically contain spots, boxes or whatever you will call them. We call them spots at Pentia. What is the problem then? When using the page editor for inserting and personalizing renderings then there is a 1 – 1 relation with […]

301 URL mappings in Sitecore done easy

When migrating an existing website to a new Sitecore solution the customer typically want to retain their Google Page rank earned by links pointing to their site. To transfer the page ranks of old pages to new ones the response needs a 301 permanent redirect status code and then redirect to a new page which […]

A note about Sitecore pipelines

My two previous posts both contained implementations  of custom processors for the httpRequestBegin pipeline. Just a quick explanation about their structure and some absolute best practices when implementing your own Sitecore pipeline processors. Check and exit fast Since the httpRequestBegin pipeline handles all requests it is extremely important to check the context for validity before continuing […]

HTTPS in Sitecore

I would always recommend running all production site cms’ using security on the transport layer (https). Sitecore or no Sitecore, it is not safe to first send username and password unencrypted and then following having an insecure session cookie for the authentication information. This applies for both extranet users and the backend administrators. A basic […]

Minify html in Sitecore

Pleasing Google Page Speed Minifying resources such as Javascript and CSS is becoming common practice nowadays and something which just should be done with no questions asked. The reason for minification is both to reduce the payload and to reduce the number of requests made by the browser to the server. This makes the page […]