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How to gzip svg files in ASP.NET

My previous post showed how to gzip svg files served by the Sitecore media library. This is fine if all svg files reside in the media library but this is typical not the case. In this post I will show how to gzip compress any svg files served by your ASP.NET solution. As I explained in my […]

Crush png in Sitecore

This post describes a module to crush png in Sitecore which can be downloaded from Sitecore MarketPlace and the latest version of the code is also available free on github. Continuing my fight with Google Page Speed. .NET does not offer an approach for compressing png files other than the default compression. This makes it hard to please […]

Minify html in Sitecore

Pleasing Google Page Speed Minifying resources such as Javascript and CSS is becoming common practice nowadays and something which just should be done with no questions asked. The reason for minification is both to reduce the payload and to reduce the number of requests made by the browser to the server. This makes the page […]