Sitecore 7.5 Analytics templates bug

Found an interesting bug today in a Sitecore 7.5 installation and I think it is worth sharing. I have to mention that Sitecore Support has been notified and they are working on an official fix.

I have noticed this issue after I upgraded from version 7.2 but also on clean installations. If you navigate to this path in Sitecore: /sitecore/system/Marketing Center/Engagement Plans you will see that all the display names of the engagement plans, states, conditions and actions are “__Standard Values”. 


This is because the templates of all these items have the Display name field set on their __Standard Values to be “__Standard values” or their translations (f.ex. __Richtwerte in German language).



Those fields should be empty off course.

I have to give credits to my colleague Brian as he was by my side when we discovered this bug.



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