3 reasons why TypeScript is brilliant

I had the pleasure of attending a talk with Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft today at the Copenhagen University department of computer science. The talk was an introduction master class to TypeScript and even though I played a bit around with TypeScript before it was so cool and beneficial to hear about it from the mind […]

Sitecore DMS visits from specific IP addresses

Sitecore DMS stores IP addresses as a varbinary(16) in the Visits table in the analytics database. This is just perfect but it is impossible to read the IP addresses as a normal human being. To help out with this I found the following SQL function which can convert an IPv4 address to a binary.


Filter out IP addresses in Sitecore DMS

Today I was asked by a customer to filter out their internal IPs from all DMS reports. There are two approaches for obtaining this. Either very simply add the IP addresses to the Sitecore.Analytics.ExcludeRobots.config as excludedIPAddresses. But I did not like this approach. The customer editors are not robots, so this is messing up domain entities.. […]